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Dress Code at the Puckrup Hall Golf Course

While the dress code has become much more relaxed on golf courses throughout Britain, there are some standards that are followed by most golf courses. And the Puckrup Hall Golf Course is no exception. Its operator describes itself as a progressive club when it comes to on-course outfit and fashion, noting that it is aware of the changing times. However, it has some ‘rules’ when it comes to attire, both on- and off-course. And by failing to meet these ‘rules’, golfers may be denied access to the course, clubhouse and other club facilities.

Attire ‘Rules’ On and Off the Golf Course

In comparison to some other golf clubs in Britain, the Puckrup Hall Golf Club is indeed very progressive as it doesn’t have a long list of requirements in regard to attire. But as mentioned earlier, golfers may be refused access to the course and clubhouse for ‘inappropriate’ attire. Therefore, it is worth to remember some of the basic dress code ‘rules’:

Don’t Meet the Club’s Attire ‘Rules’?

If you, by any chance, aren’t allowed access to the golf course or clubhouse for ‘inappropriate’ attire, that doesn’t have to ruin your golfing plans at the Puckrup Hall Golf Course. For cases like failure to meet the dress code, there is the Puckrup Hall Pro Shop which is well stocked with a wide range of golfing equipment including golf clothing by all the leading brands in the industry such as Nike, Footjoy and others that can meet just about all tastes and preferences. Likewise, the Pro Shop also offers a wide selection of other golfing essentials. So if you need a set of golf balls, a new club, some tees or anything else to make golfing on the Puckrup Hall Golf Course an absolute pleasure, be sure to stop by the Pro Shop before heading to the course.

It Never Hurts to Ask

If you have any questions about the dress code on and off the Puckrup Hall Golf Course, or if you aren’t sure whether your golf attire is ‘appropriate’, don’t hesitate to contact the Golf Club. Their friendly staff is happy to answer any questions you may have as well as provide advice on how to make your visit to the course and other club facilities a memorable experience.